November 12, 2013
Gallery Director presents film at Boston International Latino Film Festival

Gallery Owner & Director, Michelle Wojcik presented the documentary film Alumbrones she produced in collaboration with South African filmmaker, Bruce Donnelly at the 2013 Boston International Latino Film Festival.

In 2011, after visiting Galeria Cubana in Boston on two occasions, Donnelly asked Wojcik if he could document the story of her artists. After months of discussion, she invited him to travel to Cuba in 2012 on his first journey to the island. There the Gallery Owner introduced him to the artists she had built relationships with throughout the five years of exhibiting their works in her two galleries. Donnelly was immediately enchanted with their spirit and talents. Donnelly spent a good eighteen months making the documentary film with producers in Brazil and Cuba.

Alumbrones was the Opening Film at the Boston International Latino Film Festival. Wojcik and Donnelly presented the film to a large auditorium at Harvard University and fielded queries from the audience afterward in a question and answer session.

Click link below to watch the film.

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