Reinaldo Campillo

Reinaldo  Campillo Reinaldo Campillo has lived in Havana, Cuba since his birth in October 1968.  As such, Havana has remained the focal point of his painting and photography for many years. Campillo uses the repetition of geometric shapes to convey his perspective of the distilled imagery of the decaying, yet beautiful urban landscape of Havana. Slabs of gold, black, and brown levitate from the canvas, conversant with one another. The sun-drench paintings speak of sobriety, nostalgia, and enigma.

1991- Member of the “Saiz Brothers Associaton” (recognizing cultural literary and artistic talent)Miembro de la “Asociación Hermanos Saiz”

1999- Member of the “Cuban Association of Social Comminicators”
Miembro de la “Asociación Cubana de Comunicadores Sociales”

2003- Member of “National Council of Fine Arts”
Miembro del “Consejo Nacional de las Artes Plásticas”

Collective Exhibitions

 2002- “IV Digital Arts Show”, Centro Pablo, Habana
 “IV Salón de Arte Digital”, Centro Pablo, C. de la Habana, Cuba

2003- “V Digital Arts Show”, Centro Pablo, Habana
“V Salón de Arte Digital”, Centro Pablo, C. de la Habana, Cuba

2007- “Collage Art Show”, Origins Gallery, Grand Theater, Habana Cuba
“Salón de Collage”, Galería Orígenes, Gran Teatro de C. de la Habana, Cuba

2008- “Doors to the World Show”, Las Bóvedas Gallery, Plaza de Francia, Panama City
“Puertas al Mundo”, Galería Las Bóvedas, Plaza de Francia, Ciudad de Panamá

2009-“Encounters I”, Riviera Hotel, Habana
“Encuentros I”, Lobby Hotel Riviera, C. de la Habana, Cuba

2009- “Project Restore”, 10th Biennial, Habana
“Proyecto Restaurarte”, X Bienal de la Habana, C. de la Habana, Cuba

2010- “[-]”, National Stomatology Center
“[-]”, Centro Nacional Estomatología, C. de la Habana, Cuba

Solo Exhibitions

2003- “Adrift”, Alicia Brandy Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
“A la Deriva”, Galería Alicia Brandy, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2004-     “Citadels”, Baro Gallery, Sao Paolo, Brazil
    “Ciudadelas”, Galería Baró, Sao Pablo, Brasil

2006- “Color Poems”, The Terraces Hotel, East Habana, Cuba
“Poemas de Color”, Lobby Hotel “Las Terrazas”, Habana del Este. Cuba

2008- "Lights of My City”, Paris Art Gallery, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
“Luces de mi Ciudad”, galería de arte París, Santo Domingo, Rep. Dominicana