Yerandee Durán

Yerandee Durán Born in Havana, Cuba on February 1,1973.

1993- Drawing, Elementary School of Visual Arts (23 y C)
1993- Restoring and conservation, The School of Restoration “Gaspar Melchor de     Jovellanos”
1994- Restoring and conservation, National Library of Bookbinding
1995- Conservation of furniture,  National Center of restoration and museology
1995- Conservation of Books and paper, National archive
1995- Paper making (UNEAC)
1996- Restoration and Conservation of books, National Library

- National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).
-Cuban Association of Artists and Artisans (ACCA).
- Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets (FCBC).
- Centre for Visual Arts, National Register # 11755
- International Federation of Artists (IAA)

Solo Exhibitions
2003 - "The Conquered Space," Ruben Martinez Villena Gallery, Plaza de Armas, Havana, Cuba
2000 - "The inclement weather and convinced," The Athenaeum Library, Havana, Cuba

Collective Exhibitions
2011- "My city," Galeria Cubana, Provincetown, MA, United States
2005- "Thinking Cuba," Organization of the International Civil Aviation, Montreal, Canada.
2004 - "XV Hall of Havana," National Center of Art and Design
2004 - "IV Hall of Juan Francisco Elso Installation." Mariano Rodriguez Gallery
2003 - ACCA. Mariano Rodriguez Gallery. Cuba
2003 - "The Time is Now," Museo de la Plata, Havana, Cuba
2002 - "Alma de Armas," Museo de la Plata, Havana, Cuba
2001 - "Exhibition ACCA," House of Culture Square
2000 - "A bit of everything," Museum of the Revolution, "Havana, Cuba
1999 - "Three in one" The Great Exhibition, Military Historical Park Morro-Cabaña
1999 - "Again," Mariano Gallery
1999 - Travelling Exhibition "480 Anniversary of the founding of Havana," City of Astorga, Spain
1999 - House of Culture of Valencia, Don Juan, City of Valencia.
1999 - Casa de la Cultura de Pinilla, Spain
1999 - Together with working neighbors of Cerecedo, Leon, Spain
1999 - Industrial Recreation Place, Plaza San Marcelo, León, Spain
1999 - House of Culture of Navetejera, Spain